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Adbhut Hindutva (English)

Adbhut Hindutva (English)

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  • India adult comic
  • Cultural Knowledgeable Book.
  • Unheard mystery of Hindutva.

Adbhut (Incredible) Hindutva is a thrilling ride through eras that you can enjoy with the narrator, ‘The Time’. Traverse through the human evolution on the earth, the mysteries of the Sindhu Valley, the construction of Ramsetu, the post-war scenario after Mahabharata, and other such epic instances. The eras of Samrat Ashoka, Chandragupta Maurya, Samudragupta, and other stalwarts will mesmerize you. Next, you witness Maharana Pratap’s brilliance, Veer Shivaji's courage, and Guru Gobind Singh's unparalleled contribution. When you see the power of Hindutva bringing the cruel Changez Khan to his knees and the strategic brilliance & navy skills of Chola Kings making the oceans their playground, you will be impulsed to say, ‘Wow, Hindutva’.

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