About Us

Atiksh Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian Company dealing in innovative board games, toys, comics, books & souvenirs. We have launched the award-winning board game ‘Squarace’, a unique game combining Ludo & Chess in a coherent and playable manner.


The company’s design philosophy is based on innovation, usability & sustainability. The games & comics are first conceptualized by the designing & writing team, then prototypes are read and tested by testing team members, and more versions are evolved from the discussions of both teams. The designsare then done digitally and sent for prototype development. Finally, after the prototype testing & improvement procedure is done, final designs are developed into the final products, which are then further tested.


The company focuses on products for children, teens, girls, and young adults. The design and manufacturing of all the products are in-house. The company designers own the Intellectual Property (IP) of all products.


The first board game of the company, Squarace’, combining the words Square and Race, is a combination of Chess & Ludo. Both Ludo and Chess have existed in their earliest forms for a long, and in almost 1500 years, for the first time ever, the games are being combined in a way that players can have a new experience in a familiar setting.


The first product launch was done at Comic-Con Bangalore in November 2022, when the company launched 1 Graphic Novel, 3 Comicsand other novelty products. The company also attended Comic-Con Delhi in December 2022 , Comic-Con Mumbai in February 2023 and The World Book Fair in February 2023.


The comics are a mix of children’s fiction and, thriller & action drama for young adults.




Comic Con Highlights with Mr. Sanjay Gupta Ji.

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